Which dog products does BullyRange have to stop my dog pulling when on walks?

Sometimes your canine is just very excited or eager to say hello to their friends when out on a walk. Unfortunately this can be dangerous when close to roads, also can become very frustrating when out for walks. 

At BullyRange we have designed two options that can assist with stopping your canine pulling.

First we have our Martingale Collar.. This is a Choker style collar which when the dog pulls on the lead, the collar will become tighter. We have had great results with this collar and we'd recommend this collar for medium to large dogs.


We also have our Anti-Pull Harness, this suits any range of dogs. Built with a 3 point support around their chest, shoulders and abdomen along with our signature metal combat clasp. This is a classy designed and a great way to lighten the load on you when walking your dog and it gives you much more control over them. 


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